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SCIO runs two study abroad student programmes. At the heart of both of them lies a city steeped in history and intellect.

Come and live in Oxford and be inspired to learn and study as you never have before. With world-renowned libraries and more than 13 million books, this is a place without limits.

You can enrol for a month in the summer, or for one semester in either the fall or the spring.


Whatever you choose, your time in this incredible city will include tutorials, seminars on various aspects of British culture, and day-long field trips to places of extraordinary beauty and interest. Your time here will also include living in beautiful Victorian buildings, weekly tea parties, fellowship over food, the opportunity to travel outside of term time, and much more.


The semester-long programme offers subjects in arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM subject areas. More information on specific course options for the semester programme can be found here. The summer programme offers topics in the humanities, as well as seminars on science and religion, and creative writing. More information on specific course options for the summer programme can be found here.


For details on the costs and dates of all programmes click here.


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