The tutorial

The tutorial is at the heart of undergraduate teaching at Oxford. It is an hour long conversation between a tutor who is engaged in research and one student who has spent the week reading and writing an essay in answer to a question.

Scio Study Abroad Oxford Tutorial 2 Jonathan Thorpe

The tutorial gives students the chance to read in depth, to formulate their views on a subject, and to consider those views in the light of the detailed, analytical conversation in the tutorial.

Our aim is that through the tutorial experience, you can develop your ability to find your own ‘voice’ as a writer within your discipline. This means not simply relating the views and findings of others, but using them to develop your own opinions and justify your thoughts and conclusions.

The one-on-one arrangement of the tutorial is particularly well suited to this.

Getting to direct my own days in the library knowing that I would be able to share what I found and work through it with someone so much more experienced than myself has been such a privilege
Oxford summer Programme student, 2019

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