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SCIO is your way in: while your body is pinned down at home, let your mind and spirit join us in Oxford for an intellectual adventure.

I have loved being a part of SCIO this year, even with the unexpected transition to an online platform. Thanks to the professors and organizers, I was able to dive deeper into a subject that greatly matters to me. My reading challenged me, my classes encouraged me, and my professor guided me. Everyone who worked to put SCIO Online together did an amazing job at upholding the spirit of Oxford. I cannot imagine missing it – it has cultivated my personal and academic life for the better.
Student, Oxford Summer Programme Online (2020)

Course summary

Tutorial seminars are at the core of the SCIO Online from Oxford. All tutorial seminars are synchronous, so you can discuss and debate live with likeminded peers from around the globe, and experience the tutorials for which Oxford is famous – one-on-one meetings with tutors (faculty). Subjects include literature, theology, philosophy, science and religion, psychology, and more.

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Who can attend

All active learners willing and able to participate fully in academic discussions, and complete reading, preparation, and writing assignments outside class time. Independent/non-traditional students with a college/university background and willing to write are also welcome and will receive a certificate of completion.

Costs and dates

Cost: $550 per credit hour (each tutorial seminar is worth 3 credit hours for a total of $1,650 per seminar) for SCIO Online from Oxford. **If you select to participate in TWO tutorial seminars, you will automatically be awarded a $150 Multi-Seminar Scholarship. **SCIO alumni get a $150 discount.

With questions about billing, please email [email protected].


    • October term: 15 October – 13 November 2020 (orientation is on 15 October; classes start on Monday 19 October). *Apply by 30 September and receive an additional $150 discount. Final application deadline: 14 October.
    • December term: 1 December 2020 – 6 January 2021 (orientation and classes start on 1 December). Classes will not be held between 22 and 27 December. *Apply by 17 November and receive an additional $150 discount. Final application deadline: 30 November.
    • January term: 7 January – 5 February 2021 (orientation is on 7 January; classes start on Monday 11 January). *Apply by 14 December and receive an additional $150 discount. Final application deadline: 6 January.

Meeting times generally fall between the hours listed below, but there is a great deal of flexibility when arranging one on one meetings with your tutor:
8am–2pm Pacific time*
9am–5pm Eastern time*
2pm–10pm British time*

*There may be slight variations depending on time zones and the end of summer time.

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Speaking with real professors in Oxford, hearing their commentary on your own work, seeing them face to face nearly every day of the week - these things keep the spirit of quality education alive and well.
Student, Oxford Summer Programme Online (2020)
I loved the financial accessibility of the online program. Having it cut down from $7000 to $3000 made it much more affordable which was very nice.
Student, Oxford Summer Programme Online (2020)
What was especially fruitful and special to the SCIO Online experience were the tutorials. That one-on-one time with the professor engaged my thinking in new ways and challenged me to approach the material differently than I normally would have. It is an experience that I will carry with me throughout the rest of the studies and throughout the rest of my life.
Student, Oxford Summer Programme (2020)
For information on the impact of the coronavirus on SCIO activities click here.  For other information you can get in touch with us via our form or give us a ring on +44 1865 355 620.
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