SCIO organised this video to help give prospective students a sense of how they could benefit from joining us at Oxford through one of our programmes. It features four students who, at the time of being filmed, were very close to the end of their Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, but nearly everything discussed very closely ties in with our shorter Oxford Summer Programme as well.


This movie was commissioned by Southeastern University to help publicise their study abroad options.  We were delighted to learn that the programme they chose to highlight was our Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, and they have given us permission to include it on our own website as well. It focuses on a student who joined our programme for two semesters in 2016/17 (the year-long option) and although we did not produce it we heartily endorse everything she has to say!


This clip is a fun montage of what to expect in your first week on one of our programmes! The places depicted in it are visited on both our Semester and our Summer programmes.


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