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As part of SCIO’s response to the restrictions that arise from following Covid-19 guidelines, we have started streaming some of our lectures online. Anyone who listens to the talk is invited to remain afterwards and participate in a Q&A with the speaker. This gives the participants an opportunity to raise any questions or thoughts that they might have.


Following this we will  upload the lecture to this page, where anyone is welcome to listen to a session if they missed out on a live event.

Scio Study Abroad Oxford Lecture With Cropped

Dr Stan Rosenberg: Augustine’s vision for Christians and Society: a reset for fraught times?

Streamed 5 October 2020.

We apologise for the instances of audio disruption in this lecture: there are only a few, and each instance lasts no more than a few seconds.

Dr Elizabeth Baigent: “A thing inexpedient and immodest”: Women in the University of Oxford’s School of Geography

Streamed 10 November 2020.
This event forms part of the University’s celebrations marking 100 years since women were first permitted to take degrees in Oxford.

Dr Baigent uncovers the contribution of women to Oxford’s School of Geography: an institution whose history is generally told in terms of historic male endeavour. By uncovering the lives of women staff and students from the establishment of the School at the end of the nineteenth century, Dr Baigent explores the varied contributions of the School’s women and their connections with wider movements such as women’s suffrage – as well as asking why we have until now regarded them as marginal and unimportant.

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