Our Staff

The SCIO team comprises well qualified and research active staff. The academic staff are all Oxford trained and / or active members of the relevant Oxford faculties (academic departments), have been in the city and university for many years, and are recognized academic leaders. You will be taught by people who really know the Oxford system, and who face the same challenges as you do, as you research in the libraries and muster your thoughts in answer to a probing question. The administrative and operations staff have a vision and passion for SCIO’s mission and your ability to thrive as part of it.

Stan Rosenberg
Executive Director

Elizabeth Baigent
Senior Tutor and Academic Director

Jordan Smith
Director of Administration

Pete Jordan
Director of Grants and Research

Beatrice Widell
Academic Administrator

Madeline Linnell
Assistant Coordinator for Projects and Grants

Directors of Study, Core Teaching, and Project faculty

SCIO’s directors of study, core teaching staff, and academic project coordinators are all exceptional scholars in their own right and are integrally involved in Oxford scholarship. Their publication records and professional activity are exceptional. Leaders in their fields, they are also deeply committed to the formative aspect of teaching and are deeply interested in the students under their charge. They are joined by more than 120 other Oxford academics whom SCIO calls upon to offer the list of more than 500 tutorials we have on offer.

Jonathan Kirkpatrick
Lecturer and Director of Studies in Classics and the History of Art

Matthew D. Kirkpatrick
Wycliffe Hall Tutor for Visiting Students and SCIO Lecturer and Director of Studies in Philosophy, and Theology and Religion

Andrew Gosler
Director of Studies in Biological Sciences

Jordan Bell
Lecturer in Philosophy and the Philosophy of Mathematics

Miguel Farias
Lecturer and Director of Studies in Psychology

Richard Lawes
Lecturer and Director of Studies in English Language and Literature

Meriel Patrick
Lecturer in Theology, and Religion and Philosophy; Academic Standards Officer

Emma Plaskitt
Lecturer in English Language and Literature

John Roche
Lecturer in the History of Science