SCIO Semester Programme

The SCIO Semester Programme gives advanced, highly qualified students a chance to experience a full semester in Oxford. Find out what it is like to live in a place where the libraries are excellent and the research culture is vibrant.

Scio Scholars Semester In Oxford

SCIO Semester Programme course summary

SCIO require students to have a GPA of 3.7 or higher or an overall minimum 3.5 GPA with a minimum GPA of 3.7 in their major. Tutorials, lectures and seminars are equivalent to upper-division courses, and students are expected to do advanced-level work. If your schedule won’t allow you to consider SCIO in your junior or senior year, you can apply for admission as a sophomore.

The tutorial

The heart of the programme is the tutorial, a weekly one-on-one meeting between tutor and student which focuses on independent learning and argumentation. All students choose one primary and one secondary tutorial. Students write an essay for each tutorial in which they are encouraged to formulate their own well-supported views, and develop an argument.


Complementing the tutorials is a Research Project, where students explore the methodology and approaches characteristic of their discipline, and engage in supervised individual research leading to a longer essay in a process which is similar to that of a graduate student.

Selected topics in British culture

Finally, all students come together to explore the country which is their home for a semester in the Selected topics in British culture course. This course examines aspects of past and present-day Britain. Students attend discussion classes in the discipline of their choice and participate in field trips, but spend most of their time doing independent study to produce detailed, scholarly essays.


Recommended credits (17)

SCIO Semester CoursesCredit Hours

Primary tutorial


Secondary tutorial


Research project


Selected topics in British culture


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