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As well as giving students the opportunity to study with world-class scholars, the programme provides opportunity to engage with and learn from the Oxford community as a whole. Students on the programme can participate in the many clubs and societies in Oxford and get involved with local churches.

Scio Study Abroad Oxford Tea Student Life

Outside the programme, many students make new friends through the local churches in the city, and give something back to the community by volunteering for organizations that help the vulnerable and less advantaged, and improve the Oxford environment. SCIO helps and encourages all students to develop a healthy balance between study and other things, and to that end holds weekly events that give students the opportunity to talk and share what has been happening over the week. SCIO also provides optional field trips, some close to Oxford and others further afield, that enable students to understand their place in Oxford in a larger historical and geographical context.

Many students list their time at their home away from home as one of the greatest pleasures of the programme, meeting students from other CCCU colleges and universities.

Scio Study Aborad Alum Melissa Barciela
SCIO cultivated a welcoming environment of like-minded students, both passionate about scholarship and deeply committed to the Christian faith.
Melissa Barciela, Michaelmas Term, 2016

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