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The Vines

The Vines is SCIO’s primary place of residence, and was built in 1887 for the then professor of botany Sydney Howard Vines.  Just out from the town centre, Professor Vines wanted a pleasant spot with a more rural air.  Today the house is within a protected zone and is popular not only because of its stunning views over the Oxford spires, but because the large gardens and green spaces in the area provide a haven of peace alongside the business of downtown.

This large Victorian villa is situated within one and half acres of private garden where you can relax, read, or play a game of croquet, if the weather obliges.  The Vines is a 35-minute walk into Oxford city centre, or a 5-minute walk to the nearest bus stop (with busses passing by every six–seven minutes). The house has a large kitchen, laundry facilities, a well-appointed common room and adjoining library, and bathrooms for every two to three bedrooms.

Every Vines resident is given a free rented bicycle that includes lights, a helmet, and a lock, and it is a ten-minute cycle ride into town.


The Vines was not merely a place of residence ... it was a place of respite for my entire being. I was able to go home, and I did not have to board a plane to do so. Read more about what it is like living at the Vines.
Madeline Spivey, Fall semester 2017
Scio Study Abroad Wycliffe Hall North Wing Housing

Scio Study Abroad Wycliffe Hall North Wing

The North Wing, Wycliffe Hall

The North Wing provides purpose-built dormitory style accommodation with a mix of single and double rooms, and is used if accommodation at The Vines is not possible.  It is part of the main building of Wycliffe Hall and is situated a ten-minute walk away from the centre of town.

The North Wing is spread over three floors; each floor has its own bathroom facilities. There are laundry facilities, a kitchen, and a dining room in the basement of an adjacent building. All Wycliffe members (including everyone at The Vines) have access to a large common room. The entire building is wirelessly networked and there is a garden at the back that is also available to all.

I didn’t anticipate how much more Wycliffe has to offer than just its proximity to class, libraries, and a multitude of coffee shops.
Hannah Kaiser, Fall semester, 2017

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