The Oxford Experience

Oxford has been a centre of academic excellence for centuries. Many students find the city itself an inspiration: the beauty of its architecture speaks of both its ancient heritage and its Christian roots.

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A city of the past

For over 900 years Oxford has been a centre of academic life and is now one of the most prestigious research centres in the world. The city has been home to some of the world’s greatest and most famous minds.

Read, learn, and live in the city of dreaming spires. SCIO invite you to study intensively in this historic seat of learning.

Work with academic tutors to hone your skills and delve into the areas that interest you most. Broaden your thinking with a like-minded group of undergrduate researchers.

Enter Oxford’s rich libraries and museums, participate in tutorials (individual meetings with special tutors), and experience a programme that can accommodate your personal academic interests.

A city for the future

Today Oxford is at the forefront of academic research within a wide range of disciplines.

While in Oxford you have access not just to its libraries, but also to its huge collection of online resources and databases, that brings you direct access to the latest research and thinking.

Study alongside academics who are not only knowledgeable within their field of expertise, but are actively contributing to and defining current scholarly debates through their own research and publications.

Oxford was when I "officially" crossed over into adulthood. It was such a formative experience spiritually, academically, and emotionally. It challenged my views about the world, through academics and my social interactions; I still carry these lessons with me.
Leah Freeman: Spring 2012

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