Dr Stanley P. Rosenberg

Executive Director, SCIO; Vice President for Research and Scholarship, CCCU


BA (Colorado State University), MA, PhD (Catholic University of America), FISSR

Member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford

Associate Tutor in Church History, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford

Associate, Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, Oxford University

Research Member, Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity

Fellow, International Society for Science and Religion

Stan Rosenberg founded and directs Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO). He is an academic member of Wycliffe Hall and a member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford, teaching early Christian history and doctrine and science and religion. He is a Fellow of the International Society for Science & Religion. His research and teaching interests focus on Augustine’s works, early Christian cosmology and its relationship to Greco–Roman science, culture and philosophy, and the interplay between intellectual and popular thought in this period. Recent research has led to articles on early Christianity and Greco-Roman science, and the intersection of preaching, popular religion, and the development of doctrine in late antiquity. His most work has included creating and directing SCIO’s grant funded project, Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities, and organizing a set of consultations around a grant funded project on Darwin and Christian theology which led to the book, Finding Ourselves after Darwin: Conversations on the Image of God, Original Sin, and the Problem of Evil. Rosenberg is on the editorial board of the journal, Religions. Since 2002 he has directed and co-directed multiple science and religion projects in Oxford funded by the John Templeton Foundation, the Templeton Religion Trust, The Templeton World Charity Foundation, The Blankemeyer Foundation, and the BioLogos Foundation. He also directs the Logos programme offered by SCIO for postgraduates working in ANE, OT, NT and Biblical reception history. He is on the advisory council of the BioLogos Foundation and was on the International Advisory Board of the Museum of the Bible, advising the latter on science and the Bible, and patristics.

Classes Taught

  • Early Christian Doctrine and History
  • Late Antique History
  • Late Antique Philosophy
  • Augustine Life and Thought
  • Augustine’s City of God
  • Augustine’s On Christian Instruction
  • Historiography

Research Interests

  • St. Augustine
  • Oral culture and Early Christian thought
  • Early Christian cosmology
  • Religion and Science
  • Early Christian Literature and Theology
  • Historical Theology
  • Late Antique History and Culture
  • Late Antique Philosophy
  • Historiography


  • S. Rosenberg, (general ed.), with B. ven den Toren, M. Burdett, and M. Lloyd, eds., Finding ourselves after Darwin: conversations about the image of God, original sin, and the problem of evil (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2018) [incl. S. Rosenberg, introduction: “Making Space in a Post-Darwinian World: Theology and Science in Apposition”, pp. 3–10; and chapter on the problem of evil: “Can Nature Be ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’ in the Thought of Augustine?”, pp. 226–43]
  • “Not so alien and unnatural afterall—the role of privation and deification in Augustine’s sermons”, in Augustine on Heart and Life: Essays in Memory of William Harmless [Journal of Religion and Society supplement, vol. 15], ed. John J. O’Keefe and Michael Cameron (2018), pp. 170–196 [rev. edn of 2016 pubn]
  • “Not so alien and unnatural afterall—the role of privation and deification in Augustine’s sermons”, in Visions of God and ideas of divinization in patristic thought, ed. M. Edwards and E. Draghici-Vasilescu (Routledge, 2016), pp. 89–117
  • “Nature and the Natural World in Ambrose’s Hexaemeron”, in M. Vinzent, ed. Studia Patristica, vol. 69, Papers presented at the sixteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2011, volume 17: Latin Writers; Nachleben, (Leuven: Peters, 2013), pp 15–24
  • “Beside books: approaching Augustine’s sermons in the oral and textual cultures of Late Antiquity” in G. Partoens, A. Dupont, M. Lamberigts, eds., Ministerium Sermonis II: Tractatio Scripturarum, Philological, historical and theological studies on Augustine’s Sermones ad Populum, in Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia, vol. 65 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2013), pp. 405–42
  • “Forming the Saeculum: The desacralization of nature and the ability to understand it in Augustine’s Literal Commentary on Genesis”, in Studies in Church History, vol. 46, ed. P. Clarke and T. Claydon (Ecclesiastical History Society, 2010), 1–14
  • “Orality, Textuality and the Memory of the Congregation in Augustine’s Sermons.” in Studia Patristica XLIX. St Augustine and his Opponents, ed. J. Baun et al. (Leuven: Peters, 2010) pp. 169–74.
  • “Interpreting Atonement in Augustine’s Preaching,” in The Glory of the Atonement, ed. Charles E. Hill and Frank A. James III (Deerfield, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2004) pp. 221–38

Research and Training Projects

Science and religion related grant-funded projects

  • Project Director and one of four PI’s for Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science and Religion: Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities II, a project funding mid-career scholars and supporting campus-based initiatives with funding of £990,000 from the Templeton Religion Trust and $809,000 from the Blankemeyer Foundation, 2017–2019.
  • Producer, US Tour of the stage play, Mr Darwin’s Tree, written and directed by Murray Watts and performed by Andrew Harrison. Fourteen performances at N. American universities made possible by a grant of £139,000 by Templeton Religion Trust, 2016.
  • Project Director and one of four PI’s for Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science and Religion: Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities, a project funding mid-career scholars and supporting campus-based initiatives with funding of £1,100,000 from the Templeton Religion Trust, 2014–2016.
  • Co-Director and one of five PI’s for Configuring Adam and Eve: Creating Conceptual Space for New Developments in the Science of Human Origins, a BioLogos Foundaiton-funded grant of ca. $275,000 for Science and Religion, 2013–2015.
  • Co-Director for the John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity held in conjunction with Wycliffe Hall, Oxford (co-director, Prof. Alister McGrath), supported by the John Templeton Foundation with a grant of $800,000, 2002–2005.

Texts and manuscripts

  • Project director for the Museum of the Bible Scholars Initiative (SI) Logos Conference, Regional Director for the UK commissioning and managing research projects on MotB artefacts at UK universities, and member of the Museum of the Bible International Advisory Board. Since 2013 SCIO has managed a summer workshop for SI. SCIO also houses c. 50 early Medieval binders fragments and greek papyri dating from the 2nd century AD from the Museum Collection to use for research and teaching. The summer workshop works provide SI students and faculty, further opportunities to work with the substantial texts based in the USA, makes use of the Museum Collection and has ancient to Early Modern era manuscripts worth in excess of $500 million. SI particularly makes these available for undergraduate and postgraduate research to inspire new generations. 2013–present.

Keynote Presentations

  • “Before the written text: revelation, the Septuagint, and Augustine’s ambivalence about Jerome’s Latin translation” at Verbum Domini, the Green Scholars Initiative Speaker Series at the Vatican: “People of the Book: Interfaith Contributions to the Preservation of the Bible.” Instituto Patristico Augustinianum, Rome, Italy, March 16, 2012.
  • “Beside books: approaching Augustine’s sermons in the oral and textual cultures of Late Antiquity” for Ministerium Sermonis, Rome, September, 2011 with monograph to be published subsequently by Brepols, 2012/13.
  • “Honours amid Uneasy Alliances: the Challenge of Integrating the Distinctive Goals of Liberal Arts Colleges, Research Universities, and Faith-Based Endeavors.” Keynote address to Hearts and Minds II, a conference for honors directors held at Indiana Wesleyan University, July, 2009.
  • “Interpreting the Changing Status of Miracles in Augustine: a Sign for Previous Times or Time for the Signs?” Keynote address to the Joint Congress of the Commission International d’Histoire de l’Eglise Comparee and the Ecclesiastical History Society, University of Exeter, July 21, 2003.

Monographs in Preparation for Academic Press

  • Seeking the Soul of Excellence: Developing Spirituality in Honors Education. Co-editor with David Riggs of Indiana Wesleyan University, a monograph for the National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series (proposal accepted, April, 2010; completion expected in 2013).
  • Between Creed and Book: Augustine’s Preaching, the Formation of Doctrine, and the popular practice of Christianity in Late Antique North Africa. Based on the series of articles currently published and papers in development.

Articles in Preparation for Submission to Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • “Galileo’s appropriations and alterations of Augustine’s de Genesi ad Litteram.”
  • “Presenting Pelagius: Augustine’s treatment of Pelagius in his sermons.”
  • “In the Beginning after the Sack:  Genesis 1 in De Civitate Dei”
  • “Pedagogy, Preaching and the Pagans: Latin Authors in Augustine’s Sermons”
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