Personal Research Projects and Student Research Assistants

Participants will work on their research projects throughout the academic year. The project will support each participant with a course reduction matched by the sending institution, giving her or him time to work on the project. Each participant will be given funds to employ a student research assistant from her or his institution.

Advanced Training for Research Assistants

Research assistants will be awarded a reduction in fees towards studies in Science and Religion-related subjects at SCIO’s Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO) or Oxford Summer Programme (OSP). They should be undergraduates who are planning graduate study in Science and Religion. Students in SSO will have Visiting Student status at Oxford, which enables them to receive a transcript for Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and gives them access to world-renowned libraries, teaching by scholars attached to the world-renowned institutions, participation in special lectures at dedicated centres such as the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, and eligibility to participate in Oxford’s sports clubs and artistic organizations. OSP, in a more compact form, offers dedicated teaching by specialists, access to the Bodleian’s libraries, and the like amid four weeks in Oxford. Both programmes help students to bridge the undergraduate world and graduate studies.

Science and Religion Clubs

Science and Religion clubs will help support the long-term impact of this programme at each institution. Substantial funding is provided to establish or bolster Science and Religion student clubs on participants’ home campuses. Funding will enable clubs to, for example, invite special lecturers for university-wide events, start book clubs, and sponsor Science and Religion conferences.

North American Colloquium

In spring 2019 faculty members will participate in a weekend colloquium in North America, bringing their chief academic officers, chaplains, and senior student development officers, all of whom are important in shaping campus culture. Participants will be joined by the Bridging the Two Cultures I (2014–16) cohort and their respective campus administrators and pastoral staff. The meeting of faculty members with key campus leaders will allow for transformative understanding, collaboration, and long-term, sustainable impact.

Mr Darwin’s Tree Tour

Institutions in North America will be given the opportunity to host a campus performance of the acclaimed one-man play Mr Darwin’s Tree. The tour will take place in the spring and autumn of 2019 and involve up to ten participating institutions.