Alumnus accepted for MLIS at the Pratt Institute, New York

We are thrilled that SCIO alumnus Daniel Anger has been accepted to the Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS) at the Pratt Institute, New York, this autumn.

Daniel, who studied with SCIO in fall 2019, grew up in Pompton Plains, New Jersey and graduated from Nyack College in December 2019 with a B.A. in history.

He remembers his time with SCIO as ‘the most challenging, rewarding and cherished part of [his] college career:

I studied Nationalism in Southeast Asia and the Soviet Union under Stalin. I also had a wonderful opportunity to research for an upcoming publication for the Historic Towns Trust. Under the supervision of Dr. Baigent, I studied aspects of student life in Medieval Cambridge.

Daniel also enjoyed studying in Oxford’s many libraries, which inspired his future plans:

A life-long bibliophile, I was instantly enchanted by Oxford’s many incredible libraries. While researching for the Historic Towns Trust, I witnessed first-hand the wonderfully symbiotic relationship between the Bodleian librarians and countless scholars, students, and researchers. My time at SCIO whetted and reinforced my desire to work in a large academic library.

He is also looking forward to how his MLIS degree can help him contribute to the wider academic community:

Thomas Aquinas once said that it is “better to illuminate than merely to shine.” Pursuing a MLIS degree enables me to use my research skills to shine light on resources that will enable students and scholars to excel in their disciplines, blending scholarship and service.

Daniel Anger

Photo taken at an archaeological excavation in the Holy Land, part of a work-study program called the Galilea Fellowship.

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