About SCIO …

Executive Director Dr Stan Rosenberg, Logos 2015

SCIO is a research and educational institute in Oxford, producing and supporting scholarship in a recognized centre of international educational and scholarly excellence.  It advances the scholarly development and opportunities of academic leaders from member campuses (both North American and International Affiliates)—undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.  It strives to serve individual members and the institutions themselves. Oxford is a unique and valuable setting offering virtually unrivalled opportunities and resources.  Oxford’s history, geography and institutional structure serves these interests in a fashion that few other major research university conceivably could.

SCIO has been active in Oxford scholarship since its founding in 2002 and in fact, its roots reach farther back to 1991 as its US parent organization participated in and recruited students for summer schools, worked with a previous honors study abroad organization since 1998, and began organizing John Templeton Foundation funded project on Science and Religion in 1999.  Though 22 years is short by Oxford standards, SCIO has established significant relationships, partnerships and activities in this place.

SCIO is the UK subsidiary of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), an international association of intentionally Christ-centered colleges and universities with 119 members in North America and 55 affiliate institutions in 20 countries.

SCIO works in partnership with Wycliffe Hall, one of six Permanent Private Halls at the University of Oxford.

SCIO is a teaching and research institute located in Oxford, working amid Oxford academics and serving students and faculty, primarily from institutional members of the CCCU.

SCIO offers semester-long and summertime undergraduate programmes, organizes large-scale pedagogical projects, manages research projects, and supports the research work of scholars.