Oxford Summer Programme Online

Discover the magic of Oxford this summer through the Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) Online!

SCIO is your way in: while your body is pinned down at home, let your mind and spirit join us in Oxford for a month of intellectual adventure.

Scio Study Abroad Summer Radcliffe Camera

Costs and dates

Cost: $500 per credit hour (each seminar is worth 3 credit hours for a total of $1,500 per seminar) for OSP Online. **If you select to participate in TWO seminars, you will automatically be awarded a $150 Multi-Seminar Scholarship

Dates: Orientation is on 11 June. Classes begin 15 June and run through 10 July

Seminar full-group discussion classes will generally be held during the following times:
8am–2pm Pacific daylight
11am–5pm Eastern daylight
4pm–10pm British summer time

For gobbets classes and especially tutorials there is more flexibility.

Who can attend

All active learners willing and able to participate fully in academic discussions, and complete reading, preparation, and writing assignments outside class time. Undergraduates and graduate students can earn up to 6 credits with OSP Online. Independent/non-traditional students with a college/university background and willing to write are also welcome and will receive a certificate of completion.

Course summary

Seminars and their corresponding tutorials are at the core of the Oxford Summer Programme Online. Discuss and debate in the company of likeminded peers from around the globe, and experience the tutorials for which Oxford is famous – one-on-one meetings with tutors (faculty). Subjects include literature, theology, philosophy, science and religion, psychology, and more.

Learn about the seminars and meet the tutors.

Find out more about the tutorials.


Applications have closed for summer 2020. We intend to offer these seminars in fall 2020, so please be in touch if you are interested: [email protected].

All Souls 2020

I learned more in the past four weeks at OSP than [in a normal semester course]. The reading before, the discussion classes, and the tutorials solidified what I had learned and how I can improve my work.
Onsite OSP student 2019

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For information on the impact of the coronavirus on SCIO activities click here.  For other information you can get in touch with us via our form or give us a ring on +44 1865 355 620.
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