Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO) Costs and Dates


The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford operates on the basis of a fifteen-week semester (approximately four months). The fall semester (Michaelmas Term) begins in early September and concludes mid-December. The spring semester (Hilary Term) begins in mid-January and concludes mid-April. Please review the following timeline for specific dates:

Hilary Term (Spring 2022)

Rolling admissions

Application available until (or spots are filled)

Nov 15

SSO begins on arrival

Jan 7

SSO concludes

Apr 18

Michaelmas Term (Fall 2021)

Rolling admissions

Application available until (or spots are filled)

May 15

SSO begins on arrival

Sep 3

SSO concludes

Dec 13

Costs and Fees

How does billing work for SSO participation?

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO) is an extension campus of each member institution of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU); each school grants the academic credit for programme participation.

The CCCU invoices campuses for the cost of SSO participation and in turn campuses bill their students following the campus’ established policies and procedures. (For example, some schools charge the exact fees of the off-campus programme, other schools charge the campus tuition price, while others charge full on-campus fees plus an additional off-campus study fee. And there’s every variation in between!)

Since each school determines its own policies regarding off-campus study costs and the applicability of institutional scholarships and other aid, you should confirm your school’s policies with the Off-Campus Study Coordinator on your campus.

How much do I pay?


Typically the only expenses SSO participants pay directly to the CCCU are the application fee ($50) and the non-refundable confirmation fee ($300, deducted from the total housing fee at invoicing).

Programme Fees:

About six weeks before each semester begins, the CCCU sends participation invoices to each school. For the 2020-21 school year, that bill will feature the below SSO semester costs.

SSO Programme Fees

Instructional fees




Total SSO fees


Confirmation deposit


Balance of SSO fees


Keep in mind the total program costs billed to you through your school may differ, depending on your campus’s policies. 

Note: Schools or individuals who pay with a credit card will also be charged a credit card service fee.

What’s included?

Expenses covered by SSO fees:

  • One-on-one tutorials in two subjects and seminar classes
  • Field trips to historical destinations of academic interest
  • Grade report from Wycliffe Hall
  • Access to University libraries, including the Bodleian and including borrowing privileges where appropriate
  • 17 hours of academic credit
  • Status of Associate Member of Wycliffe Hall
  • Accommodation in student housing
  • Use of programme computers, unlimited wireless internet access, and printing facilities
  • Free on-site laundry facilities (must provide own detergent, etc.)
  • Social events including multiple weekly afternoon teas with staff and other funded student events
  • Optional bike available for Vines’ residents


Additional anticipated expenses*:

  • Travel between home and Oxford (estimated $800-1,200 from U.S.)
  • ISIC ($25, if purchased through BestSemester) OR similar International Student Identification Card or supplemental insurance coverage (some campuses will provide this for students studying abroad). This is required for participation in BestSemester’s international programs.
  • Meals (approx. $80/week)
  • Health insurance, valid in UK for length of stay/programme dates
  • Personal medical expenses, if incurred; including preparatory vaccinations
  • Personal discretionary expenditures, including personal travel (expect twice as much as normally spent during one semester in the U.S.)
  • Optional bike rental for North Wing residents (80 GBP)
  • Passport required for program participation
  • UK Student Visa, if applicable (year-long students and an occasional one semester student)


*Anticipated expenses are estimates, which will be updated should local costs shift significantly. You may spend more/less depending on your personal spending habits.


International Travel

Participants are responsible for arranging travel to and from Oxford. Student housing check-in time is between 9am and 5pm on arrival day; departure is before 11am on checkout day. Student accommodations are closed outside of official program dates/times. Travel information from London’s major airports to SSO housing is provided in a pre-departure packet.

Refund and withdrawal policy


After students are confirmed to participate on semester program (fall, spring or year), they must notify the CCCU’s Student Programs Office if they decide to withdraw from the program. Notifications must be in writing or by email. Depending on the date of notification, the following withdrawal/refund policies will be followed.

Students who are accepted into a semester program, confirm their participation with the nonrefundable deposit, and withdraw more than 30 days before the posted start date for the program (or optional flight scheduled departure, if applicable) are responsible for paying all unrecoverable expenses not covered by the deposit.

Students who are accepted into a semester program, confirm their participation with the nonrefundable deposit, and withdraw within 30 days of the posted start date (or optional flight scheduled departure, if applicable) are responsible for paying 25% of the total program fees (instructional fees and room).

Students who withdraw or are dismissed from a semester program after the program begins may be eligible for a partial refund of the instructional fee. Room fees will not be refunded after the program begins. Withdrawal/dismissals within the first three weeks of the program are eligible for a 50% refund of the instructional fees; from four to eight weeks, 25% of the instructional fees will be refunded; and after eight weeks, none of the instructional fees will be refunded. All refunds and withdrawal fees are calculated from the date a written statement of withdrawal or dismissal is received by the Vice President for Educational Programs.

For information on the impact of the coronavirus on SCIO activities click here.  For other information you can get in touch with us via our form or give us a ring on +44 1865 355 620.
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