Logos 2023: Oxford

What: A summer workshop on biblical texts, vocation, the Christian mind, and the modern university that is offered by SCIO with funding provided by Steve and Jackie Green
Where: University of Oxford, Oxford, England
When: Programme dates: 31 May – 14 June 2023
Enquiries: please email [email protected]

The application deadline is 11:59 PM (GMT) Friday, 6 January 2023.

English language proficiency adequate for understanding and engaging in academic discussion is required for participants at the workshop.


Logos is a two-week scholarly workshop for students who are committed to academic study and to following their religious faith. The workshop is primarily intended for graduate students (including graduating seniors who will begin advanced studies in Autumn 2023) and Logos alumni who have completed their education.

Applicants should be working in a field related to the Bible, and should have a special focus on manuscripts, the history of the Bible, the reception history of the Bible and related texts, and ancient languages. Students working outside these areas who nonetheless wish to apply should state in their application form how they would benefit from the workshop and what they could contribute to it. Applicants should be considering a vocation in one of these academic fields. Logos offers an opportunity to be taught by experts in the fields of text preservation, history, theology, and textual studies.

Logos 2023 comprises the following components: 

Lecture series:  Current issues in textual studies

These lectures explore how the reading of manuscripts and the editing of texts may prove contentious, difficult, and interesting.  Students consider these problems in various academic fields, some of which may be unfamiliar, to help them face, solve, or circumvent methodological challenges in their own areas of interest.

Lecture series:  Oxford – Scholarship and the Christian mind

Numerous figures who have made a great impact on the history of the church were educated and taught at Oxford. Their place in a wider historical context may be well understood, but the part played by the University Oxford in shaping their lives is less widely appreciated. The same can be said of how their faith influenced their scholarship. These lectures examine some remarkable Oxonians, and tease out how their ways of thinking, and what they preached and wrote, were conditioned by their Oxford context.

Lecture series: The vocation of Christian scholars in the modern university

A central aspect of Logos is the intersection of faith and vocation.  A series of discussions led by senior Oxford scholars from various academic fields allows students to reflect on faith and vocation in an international research university. 

Text seminars on studying manuscripts in ancient languages

Participants will choose a language seminar appropriate to their research focus. Possible seminars include Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and Ethiopic. Making use of Museum holdings, these seminars will focus on issues of papyrology, codicology, prosopography, and curation, and participants will be guided by their seminar leaders to read original documents, in this popular and distinctive element of the workshop.

Academic excursions

Excursions in Oxford City and University and to other sites and collections relevant to the workshop programme.

Learning from peers

The workshop is an opportunity for young scholars from a wide variety of institutions to discover common enthusiasms and interests. Participants share a commitment to a faithful, scholarly life, and will make long lasting friendships and professional connections.

Logos alumni

Participants who have already participated in one or more Logos Workshops are encouraged to apply for a place in 2023.  Returning students can further their engagement with textual studies and Christian learning, and foster community spirit, and may be asked to present their scholarly work to participants.  There is no longer a cap on the number of returning students permitted in any cohort.

Financial award

Participants will receive a generous stipend, free housing and meals during workshop sessions; their travel to and from the workshop will also be covered. Participants will pay for their own meals at weekends and local Oxford travel. Any participant concerned about the financial implications of this please write to [email protected].

Housing and meals

Participants will stay at The Vines, SCIO’s student house which overlook’s Oxford ‘dreaming spires’. On weekdays, dinner and breakfast will be served at The Vines, while lunches will be served at the workshop.

Visas for participants

Participants are responsible for their own visa applications, and must do so in a timely way such that they can attend the whole workshop. SCIO can provide a letter of invitation.

Guidance for referees

Information for referees can be found here.

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