Jacob A. Rodriguez

Texts and Manuscripts Project Coordinator

BA (Wheaton College, IL), MA (Wheaton College, IL), DPhil candidate (Oxon)

Jacob graduated BA and MA from Wheaton College (IL) and spent five years teaching theology in Ethiopia. He is currently working on a DPhil in New Testament (Oxon).

Jacob’s primary research interest is the formation of the fourfold Gospel collection as a literary, artefactual, and theological phenomenon in the first two centuries of the Christian movement. He has done work on the second-century theologian Irenaeus, the public reading of Scripture in ancient Judaism and Christianity, and theological method in Majority World Christianity. Having lived in Ethiopia, Jacob is also fascinated by Ethiopic Christianity, and he is currently working on the reception of Gospel traditions in the Epistula Apostolorum (preserved in full only in Ethiopic). Jacob lives with his wife and two children in Oxford.

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