SCIO’s Logos workshop to be held in Washington, DC this summer; applications now open

Scio Logos Illuminated Manscript Magnificat

SCIO’s annual workshop Logos is due to occur during the summer of 2021, but with a slight twist. In addition to the emphasis on Biblical and textual studies, Logos’ bread and butter, this year’s workshop will explore the role Christian scholarship can and does play on public-facing platforms. The lecture series “The vocation of Christian scholars on the public stage” will encourage participants not only to contemplate the intersection of vocation and faith in general and conceptual terms, but also in a personal way – as young and aspiring scholars.

Museum studies will also be a special emphasis for this year’s workshop, especially given Logos’ new venue: Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC (USA). Historically, the workshop has been set in Oxford, UK. Starting this year, however, Logos’ location will alternate between DC and Oxford; therefore, the workshop will return to Oxford in 2022.

Logos 2021, like previous workshops, will feature lectures by leading scholars in the disciplines of textual criticism, ancient languages, and Biblical studies. Seminars will offer an opportunity for participants to translate and analyse manuscripts written in ancient languages and are led by academic experts. Logos 2021 plans to curate informal space for peers to learn from one another as well as the speakers.

SCIO is delighted to announce that the Logos 2021 Workshop application is now live. The deadline is 14 February. For more information, and access to the application, please visit the following webpage.

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