Calling all student programme alumni – SCIO now on LinkedIn

We are pleased to announce that SCIO is now listed as a teaching and research institute on LinkedIn. This means that current students or alumni of SCIO can now list us in the ‘Education’ section of their LinkedIn profile.

Please do incorporate your educational experience here in Oxford into your online CV. It couldn’t be easier. Search ‘SCIO: Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford’, and then enter your programme:

  • Scholars’ Semester in Oxford
  • Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, Yearlong
  • Oxford Summer Programme

in the ‘Degree’ section. Once you’ve done that, you can then enter the subject that you majored in while you were here in the ‘Field of Study’ section. The rest ought to be fairly self explanatory.

At SCIO we are always looking to provide ways of linking our alumni community together. We do hope that this additional means of staying in touch with us and your fellow alumni, while also being able to share your experience here with potential employers, will be useful for you all. Get involved!


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