Alumna accepted for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant

We are delighted that our alumna Sarah Selden has been accepted for a Fulbright teaching grant to teach in Spain, starting in January.

Sarah, a MT18 alumna, is originally from Littleton, Colorado, but graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University in December 2019 with a degree in English and Secondary education. Since graduating, she has been teaching tenth grade language arts.

Her time with SCIO inspired her to pursue graduate work in English.

My primary tutorial work in transatlantic modernism and my undergraduate research seminar work in children’s literature are my primary research interests that I hope to continue studying throughout my career, and since leaving Oxford, I have continued to work on projects in these areas that I began with my tutors.

She decided to apply for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) grant in Spain because it would be a way to continue developing her teaching skillset, solidify her Spanish speaking abilities (which she believes will be useful in her PhD), and allow her to continue researching Ernest Hemingway in a country that he often visited and wrote about.

It will also help her in her future career:

The Fulbright ETA program also opens doors to Fulbright Research and Fulbright Scholar opportunities, and I hope to apply for those programs in the future as well.’

She remembers her time with SCIO as ‘one of the most formative semesters of [her] college career’ and says she is ‘truly grateful for [her] time with SCIO and for all of the support the staff and faculty offered…both as a student and as an alumna.’

Sarah Selden

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