To apply for a Yamauchi Award, the applicant must submit the application form that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. In addition to submitting the form, the applicant must arrange for the following to be submitted:

  • A current CV
  • A covering letter indicating the applicant’s academic and vocational goals, explaining how these are to be achieved by their current or proposed course of studies, and explaining how the Yamauchi Award would contribute to this end. (500 words max)
  • A complete set of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • A sample of academic writing (this should be piece credited solely to the applicant, of between 2000 and 5000 words, that reflects the academic skills required to pursue the applicant’s intended course of study)
  • An academic recommendation/reference from the applicant’s SI Mentor.
  • Two additional academic recommendations/references (if the applicant is already enrolled in a programme pursuing research-based graduate study, one of these should be from the applicant’s academic advisor or supervisor)
  • One pastoral recommendation/reference, addressing the applicant’s Christian commitments and involvement with Christian community

Application materials should be submitted to [email protected]  To assist us, please begin the subject line for each of these communications thus: “Yamauchi 2017 [applicant’s family name]”.

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is Monday 23 January 2017.

Notification of awards will be made by 1 March 2017.


  • The applicant must be involved in, or previously have been involved in, an SI research project under the direction of an SI Mentor.
  • At the time of application, the applicant must have attended a Logos workshop, whether at Baylor (2012) or in Oxford (2013 and subsequent years).
  • The applicant will normally have studied relevant matters at the undergraduate level, or accomplished a sufficient foundation for advanced studies at graduate level, and be pursuing a subject in his or her graduate work related to biblical studies, biblical reception history, ancient near eastern studies, and philology or material culture as they pertain to the history of the biblical texts and their transmission.
  • The applicant must have applied for, or be enrolled in, a master’s or PhD programme at an institution with an international reputation for the applicant’s chosen subject. Those enrolling or enrolled in a master’s programme must have the expressed intention of continuing to a doctoral programme in order to be eligible.
  • The award is contingent upon the applicant’s taking up a confirmed offer at such an institution.
  • The applicant must show evidence of academic excellence.
  • The applicant must show promise of making significant contributions to studies related to the history of biblical texts and their transmission.
  • The applicant must show an active commitment to the Christian faith as represented by the historical ecumenical creeds, to a high view of scripture, and to regular participation in a church community.
  • Prior unsuccessful applicants may reapply, and should indicate the year(s) of their previous application in their covering letter.

The award is designed to support those studying at research universities with a record of excellence in the applicant’s chosen field of study. As a result, if a student is applying for courses at a range of universities, the award may be dependent upon the student’s embarking on studies at a specific and limited number of those universities.

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