Credit: Andrew J. Newell


Just what I needed

– Hannah Kaiser –

Michaelmas Term, 2017


During my second month at Oxford, my friend and I were exploring all the crevices of Wycliffe Hall, finding new areas we had access to in search of the perfect study spot. What we stumbled upon was a treasure like no other. We had finally managed to find the elusive basement to the Wycliffe Library, a section previously known to all but a place we always had issues finding. The room was just what we needed, two desks and floor to ceiling bookshelves lined with books in our area of study. It was like finding Wycliffe’s own Room of Requirement. But the part that made it so special was that we found it by accident in a sort of game, one that was meant to entertain but wasn’t expected to yield such fruitful results.

There were a countless number of times where Wycliffe provided me with just what I needed. A space to study after the university libraries closed for the night, a large eating space where both food groups could enjoy a meal side by side, a friend or two to talk to in the common room when I was craving company. When I wanted to go out and explore Oxford, there were always people who were willing to join. When I needed a quiet space to work alone, I was always able to find an empty room. And whenever I look back at my Oxford experience, I always think of Wycliffe not only as my place of rest, but a location where I connected, learned, and thrived.

When provided with the choice of preferred accommodation for my term at Oxford, I immediately picked the location closest to the center of town. For me, an ideal location is always the primary goal for living, and I enjoyed being able to work all morning in the Rad Cam, walk back for lunch, and return to the Rad Cam in only short fifteen minute walks.

What I didn’t anticipate was how much more Wycliffe has to offer than just its proximity to class, libraries, and a multitude of coffee shops. It offers a place to return to after a particularly tiring day in the stacks, a home cooked meal every evening with your food group. It offers a never-ending supply of interesting conversations with SCIO and non-SCIO students just as interested in their academic work as you are. It gives you a home with a wonderfully diverse and interesting group of people to share it with. And there is never a lack of entertainment at Wycliffe. Whether exploring new winding passageways previously untouched by your SCIO term-mates, turning off all the lights and playing a game of Murder in the Dark made all the more terrifying by the old architecture, or going for a late night ice cream run at G&D’s, you can always find a fun activity to enjoy with friends. And along the way you may be reminded that your time at Oxford is about much more than just essays and tutorials.

Hannah, MT17