The SCIO office comprises well qualified and research active staff.  Many are Oxford trained and all have been in the city and university for many years, so that you are taught by people who really know the Oxford system and who face the same challenges as you do, as you research in the libraries and muster your thoughts in answer to a probing question.

Academic staff

Stan Rosenberg – Executive Director


Dr Rosenberg founded and directs Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO). He is an academic member of Wycliffe Hall and a member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford, teaching early Christian history and doctrine. His research and teaching interests focus on Augustine’s works, early Christian cosmology and its relationship to Greco–Roman science, culture and philosophy, and the interplay between intellectual and popular thought in this period. Detailed biography.

Elizabeth Baigent – Senior Tutor and Academic Director

MA (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon), PGDipLATHE (Oxon), FSA, FRHistS, FRGS, FHEA

Dr Baigent is the University Reader in the History of Geography.  Her research lies in the history of travel, geography, and cartography.  Detailed biography.

Simon Lancaster – Associate Director

BMus, GradDipMus., Cert Christian Counselling (CWR), MSc (Oxford)

Simon is an associate tutor with Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, and his present studies focus on nineteenth-century religious practice in England.  He worked for several years as the chief Bibliographic Editor for the Oxford dictionary of national biography and is trained as a professional Christian counsellor. Detailed biography.

Matthew D. Kirkpatrick – Wycliffe Hall Tutor for Visiting Students and SCIO Lecturer and Director of Studies in Philosophy and Theology

MA (Oxon), MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Kirkpatrick is the Lecturer in Ethics and Doctrine, and Tutor for Graduates, at Wycliffe Hall and liaises between the SCIO programme and the wider staff at Wycliffe. His research interests include existential philosophy, ethics, and systematic theology.  Detailed biography.

Andrew Gosler – Director of Studies in the Biological Sciences

BSc (Wales) MSc (Reading), DPhil (Oxon) Dip TMM (Durham), FLS, FRSB, TSSF

Dr Gosler is Associate Professor in Applied Ethnobiology and Conservation and Fellow in Human Sciences, Mansfield College. His research falls at the intersection between ornithology and ethno-ornithology, i.e. the study of birds, and the study of human engagement with birds, especially within the broad context of nature conservation. Detailed biography. 

Paul Ewart –Director of Studies in the Physical Sciences

BSc (Queen’s Belfast), PhD (Queen’s Belfast)

Professor Ewart was born in Northern Ireland, and graduated in physics from Queen’s University Belfast. His research has included fundamental physics of quantum and non-linear optics, lasers, and combustion science with applications in engineering of more efficient engines to reduce climate changing effects and in gas sensing for environmental monitoring. Detailed biography. 

Megan Loumagne – Junior Research Fellow and Director of Studies in Religion and Science

BA (Biola University), MDiv (Boston College), DPhil (Oxon)

Megan Loumagne is a D.Phil (Ph.D) Candidate in Theology at Christ Church, University of Oxford, a Clarendon scholar, and a Junior Research Fellow/Director of Studies in Science and Religion for SCIO.  Detailed biography.

Miguel Farias – Lecturer and Director of Studies in Psychology

BSc (Lisbon), MA (Wales), DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Farias is Departmental Lecturer and Deputy Course Director of the MSc in psychological research at the Department of Experimental Psychology, at the University of Oxford.  His reserach focuses on how beliefs in general — whether in God, spiritual forces, or humanity — work and affect our experience and interpretation of events, and on the motivational and cognitive origins of these beliefs, i.e. how they arise and are strengthened by environmental situations such as anxiety and stress.  Detailed biography.

Jonathan Kirkpatrick – Lecturer and Director of Studies in Classics, Lecturer in History of Art

BA (Oxon), MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Kirkpatrick’s research interests currently centre on pagan religious cults in Roman Palestine.  He is writing a book on C.S. Lewis’s connection with the classics.  Detailed biography.

Richard Lawes – Lecturer and Director of Studies in English Language and Literature

BA (Oxon), MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon), MB, ChB (Edin.), BSc (Edin.), MRCPsych, PG Dip Cognitive Therapy

Dr Lawes has taught English in the English faculty of the University of Oxford and is lecturer in English at Regent’s Park College, teaching literature of the Renaissance period and literary theory. Richard’s interests include spiritual autobiography, poetry of the seventeenth century, psychological literary theory, and C.S. Lewis. He is also a qualified medical doctor and psychiatrist, currently working at the University’s counselling service.  Detailed biography.

Meriel Patrick – Lecturer in Theology and Philosophy, Academic Standards Officer

MA (Oxon), MPhil (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Patrick studied philosophy and theology at St Hilda’s College, Oxford. Her research interests stretch from philosophy of mind through metaphysics and philosophy of religion to Christian doctrine. Some of her more recent work has focused on the theology of C.S. Lewis.  Detailed biography.

Jordan Bell – Lecturer in Philosophy and the Philosophy of Mathematics

BA, BPhil, DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Bell is currently a lecturer in philosophy at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, and Regent’s Park College, Oxford. His research interests focus on the philosophy of Kant and the Enlightenment and the problem of free will. Detailed biography. 

Emma Plaskitt – Lecturer in English Language and Literature

BA (McGill), MPhil (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Plaskitt is a specialist on the literature of the Restoration and eighteenth century, but her research interests also include the Victorian novel — particularly the gothic novel and novel of sensation — and children’s literature.  Detailed biography.

John Roche – Senior Lecturer in the History of Science and Senior Consultant to the Bridging Two Cultures project

MSc, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Dr Roche teaches the history of science at Linacre College, Oxford, and applied physics at Oxford Brookes University.  His main research interest lies in using the history of physics to clarify difficult concepts in today’s physics.  Detailed biography.

Jacob Rodriguez – Texts and Manuscripts Project Coordinator

BA (Wheaton College, IL), MA (Wheaton College, IL), DPhil candidate (Oxon)

Jacob graduated BA and MA from Wheaton College (IL) and spent five years teaching theology in Ethiopia.  He is currently working on a DPhil in New Testament (Oxon).  Detailed biography.

Kirsten Mackerras – Junior Dean, North Wing

BTh (Brisbane School of Theology), MA (Macquarie University)

Kirsten is currently completing a DPhil in patristics in Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and Religion, where she is exploring how the church father Lactantius uses Roman ethical ideas to argue against the persecution of Christians. Detailed biography.

LaRae Ferguson – Junior Dean, The Vines

BA (Hillsdale College), MPhil (Oxon)

LaRae is reading for a DPhil in Classics, examining the language of ‘grace’ that includes its treatment by earlier pre-Christian authors, outlining the development of the concept across the boundaries of ancient religious mentality. Detailed biography.


Administrative Staff

Kathryn Goetz – Senior Academic Administrator

BA (Hope College), MA (Georgetown University)

Kathryn studied German and philosophy at Hope College and completed a Master’s at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. After studying and working in Germany for three years, she served as director of two not-for-profit organizations in Washington, D.C., namely the Buxton Initiative (interfaith dialogue) and PathNorth (leadership development).  Detailed biography.

Paulina King Bravo - Finance Manager

BA (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), MBA (INCAE), CGMA

Paulina studied business and administration at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador and completed her MBA in economics and sustainable development at INCAE in Costa Rica, in connection with which she was an exchange student in Leipzig, Germany. Detailed biography. 

Fiona McGrady – Assistant Senior Tutor

MA, PhD (St Andrews)

Fiona took her first degree in modern languages before completing her PhD in the Department of German and the Reformation Studies Institute at the University of St Andrews. Her thesis explored the development of the dialogue genre in printed pamphlets of the early German Reformation.  Detailed biography.

Joyce François – Operations Administrator

BA (Legon), DPhil (Oxon)

Dr François is a soil scientist by training, having taken her first degree at the University of Ghana (Legon) and her doctorate at Oxford. She has undertaken research for scientific publications and written policy reports on Africa.  Detailed biography.