Scholars’ Semester in Oxford

Students on the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford spend one or two semesters in Oxford as a Registered Visiting Student.

The heart of their 15-week programme is the tutorial, a weekly meeting between tutor and student which epitomises Oxford’s teaching method of independent learning and argumentation.  All students choose one primary and one secondary tutorial. Students write an essay (paper) for each tutorial in which they are encouraged to formulate their own well-supported views, and develop an argument. Click here for descriptions of the hundreds of tutorials available.

stonehengeComplementing the tutorials are Undergraduate research seminars which explore the methodology and approaches characteristic of each discipline, and in which students have the chance to write a longer essay in a process which mimics that of a graduate student. Discussion classes enable students to reflect on methodological issues within their discipline, and integrate material covered in tutorials and University of Oxford lectures.

Finally, all students come together to explore the country which is their home for a semester in the British culture studies course. The course examines selective themes from the British past and their traces in present day Britain, by exploring how past events, people, and ideas are remembered, forgotten,and misremembered in literature, politics, philosophy, religion, art, architecture, and the material landscape. Students investigate the meaning, use, and abuse of the past, and attend lectures, field trips, and a tutorial, but spend most of their time doing independent study to produce detailed, scholarly essays.