Looking at MSSCIO is one of the UK homes of the Museum of the Bible Scholars Initiative.  Two of its staff are directly involved in Scholars Initiative projects and work with texts from the Museum of the Bible Collection and the Green Collection.  In addition SCIO holds on loan Greek papyri from 2nd-century Egypt and Latin and Dutch Binders Fragments from the 12th to the 15th centuries, and an exact replica of the Bodmer XXIV papyrus.  These are used in the teaching of Classics and Ancient Languages and SCIO students are given the opportunity to handle and work directly with these original texts.  These are available for students’ independent research projects.

Logos in Oxford: A Summer Workshop on Biblical Texts, Vocation, and the Christian Mind 

Since 2013 SCIO has directed the annual summer conference for students and faculty working on Museum of Bible Scholars Initiative (formerly Green Scholars Initiative) projects. This two-week workshop for up to 35 students and 20 faculty combines lectures and workshops to advance the work of these developing scholars.

  • Lecture series: Current issues in textual studies
  • Lecture series: Oxford, scholarship, and the Christian mind
  • Lecture series: The vocation of Christian scholars in the modern university
  • Text seminars on studying manuscripts in ancient languages: Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Ethiopic

Staff involvement

Project Director (and UK Regional Director for the Scholars Initiative):  Dr Stanley P. Rosenberg
Project Coordinator for Logos (and Associate UK Regional Director for the Scholars Initiative): Dr Jonathan Kirkpatrick.