Megan Loumagne – Junior Research Fellow and Director of Studies in Religion and Science

BA (Biola University), MDiv (Boston College), DPhil (Oxon)

Megan Loumagne is a D.Phil (Ph.D) Candidate in Theology at Christ Church, University of Oxford, a Clarendon scholar, and a Junior Research Fellow/Director of Studies in Science and Religion for SCIO. Before coming to Oxford, Megan studied education, Scripture, and English Literature at Biola University for her undergraduate years, and is a perpetual member of the Torrey Honors Institute. Megan is also a SCIO alum from 2006. She taught high school English and Theology for five years after graduation. After partially completing a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care at Talbot Seminary, Megan moved to the east coast in order to complete a Masters of Divinity at Boston College as a Baker-Arrupe Fellow. As part of her ministerial training at Boston College, she also interned as an interfaith hospital chaplain at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Megan’s doctoral research is focused on the doctrine of original sin and, in particular, on the challenges and opportunities for the doctrine in a post-Darwinian world. A central task of her research is to construct a doctrine of original sin that takes the extended evolutionary synthesis and the evolution of sexual difference seriously. Her research interests include the following: theology and science, contemplative spirituality, Augustine, feminist theology, feminist science studies, Teresa of Avila, and the theology of Edward Schillebeeckx.

In addition to her studies, Megan has been active in the graduate theology community at Oxford where she has served as the President of the Graduate Theological Society, the Secretary of the Graduate Christian Forum, and as a member of the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee.

Classes Taught
  • Kwok Pui-Lan, Postcolonial Imagination, and Feminist Theology
  • The Concept of God
  • Science and Religion

Research Interests
  • Science and Theology
  • Gender Theory
  • Feminist Theology
  • Teresa of Avila
  • Edward Schillebeeckx
  • Feminist Science Studies
  • Augustine

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  • Lumen et Vita Conference Proceedings
    “The Instrumentum Laboris and Contemporary Culture in Dialogue: A Reflection on Secularization, Globalization, and Power”


  • “Feminist Theologies and Methodologies”, Ripon College Cuddesdon, November 2018
  • “Sex and Sin in Evolution: Original Sin and the Evolution of Sexual Difference”, Graduate Christian Forum, University of Oxford, November 2018
  • “Theologies of the Body: John Paul II Through a New Feminist Materialist Lens”, University of Oxford, Modern Doctrine/Patristics Seminar, October 2018
  • “Shall These Bones Live? The Re-Enchantment of Nature and Theological Anthropology”, European Society for the Study of Science and Theology, Lyon, France, April 2018
  • “Valerie Saiving and the Human Situation: Sin and Sexual Difference in 1960”, University of Oxford, Modern Doctrine/Patristics Seminar, November 2017
  • “‘Her Sex is Different from Adam’s, but Her Pride is the Same:’ Augustine on Original Sin and Gender”, University of Bonn, Germany: Bonn-Oxford Faculty Exchange: September 2017
  • Invited guest on the BBC’s (television) “The Big Questions” (May 28 2017, Series 10, Episode 19), Panelist addressing question “Does Morality come from Religion or Evolution?”
  • “Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve: Original Sin and the Evolution of Sexual Difference”, Las Casas Institute, Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford: May 2017
  • “The ‘Nature’ of Sexual Difference: New Materialism as a Resource?”, Society for the Study of Theology Conference: University of Nottingham, UK: April 2017
  • “Special Divine Action and Theological Anthropology”,
    American Academy of Religion Pre-Conference Symposium, Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion: November 2016
  • “Hamartiology and the Rise of Fundamentalisms”, Trinity College Dublin, Loyola Institute: June 2016
  • “Nature Matters: Theological Investigations into Gender after Darwin”, Lumen et Vita conference: Boston College School of Theology and Ministry: Spring 2016
  • “Taking Her Stand Beyond All Earthly Hierarchies: Teresa of Avila, Gender Performance, and Contemplative Prayer”, Carmelite Symposium: St. Teresa of Avila’s Gift to the 21st Century: University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois: Summer 2015: Vilma Seelaus Prize Lecture
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