Special announcement: SCIO is now offering STEM studies

SCIO is excited to announce that it is expanding its disciplinary offering to its Registered Visiting Students to include many STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) drawing on the high calibre teaching and research of the University of Oxford.
“An academic organisation that endeavours to contribute to discussions of scholarship and Christianity should strive to touch on as many core disciplines as it reasonably can. For some years I have hoped we might begin offering STEM subjects, both out of our long-standing commitment to science and religion, and affirming that STEM subjects in themselves are worthy and important, and we wish to extend the great opportunities of Oxford to students advancing in those fields. These subjects are not peripheral: they are central to SCIO’s mission.”
Dr Stan Rosenberg, Executive Director, SCIO
Applications are managed through our BestSemester website: apply now!

As part of its Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO) programme, from autumn 2018 SCIO will offer courses in the following areas:

Biological sciences (e.g. animal behaviour, ecology, disease, and cells and genes)
Chemistry (e.g. electrochemistry, quantum mechanics and spectroscopy, and soft condensed matter)
Mathematics (e.g. multivariate calculus and mathematical models, number theory, and logic and set theory)
Statistics (e.g. metric spaces and complex analysis, statistical machine learning, and applied probability)
Physics (e.g. classical mechanics and special relativity, quantum physics, and plasma physics)
Theoretical computer science (e.g. intelligent systems, machine learning, and computational game theory)
Earth sciences (e.g. palaeobiology, volcanology, and planetary chemistry)

Find out more about studying STEM with SCIO.

SCIO has since 2002 been offering a Science and religion seminar as part of its Oxford Summer Programme (OSP), and will be looking forward to running this again in 2018 [...]

Congratulations to SCIO’s fall 2016 de Jager prizewinners

SCIO is pleased to announce the fall 2016 de Jager prizewinners.
The de Jager prizes are awarded each term on the basis of academic merit to a selection of students attending the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford. These awards are made possible by the generous support of Geoffrey and Caroline de Jager whose commitment to excellence in education and scholarship is longstanding.

The prizewinners are named below along with their sending institution and the course for which they won their award.

Oxford was the dream I never knew I had. The warm, sunny meadows along rivers and majestic, medieval colleges took my breath away time and again. Being sent into the library system that winds throughout Oxford to sit and do what I love—read—invited me into a way of learning that felt like home. Just about everything about Oxford became home. A glance upwards at the looming, intricate spires made my heart leap at the realization that, at least for a treasured time, this place was my home. I never knew that tutorials would be some of the places and times where I would be most challenged to grow, nor did I expect that deep friendships formed over late nights of study would turn fellow-students into family. My heart was embraced by Oxford, and I left not just with wonderful memories but also with a broadened perspective and a willingness to engage more deeply with the world around me.Here are a few of the prizewinners’ reflections on their time in Oxford:
Elisha Colby
Some people think that studying at Oxford is paradise. Between the walls and grand staircases hide old books in ancient libraries, serene and idyllic gardens, small places to pause and muse and pretend like [...]

SCIO Receives Nearly $2 Million for Additional Science and Religion Seminars

Thanks to the unequivocal success of the 2014-2016 Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and Religion seminar, the Templeton Religion Trust and the Blankemeyer Foundation have awarded nearly $2 million in grant funding to Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) for another series of seminars.

The new seminar, which is planned for 2018 and 2019, will again offer selected CCCU faculty members from around the world the opportunity to have interdisciplinary training in the study of science and religion. They will also receive funding both for their related research projects and for supporting the development of students through such opportunities as hiring them as research assistants and starting science-and-religion-themed student clubs on campus.

“We are delighted that both the Templeton Religion Trust and the Blankemeyer Foundation have partnered with SCIO in hosting another seminar. Their continued support gives us the opportunity to further advance these important conversations and research opportunities that examine the interwoven relationship between science and religion and the world-impacting issues that they directly shape,” said Stan Rosenberg, SCIO executive director and the project director of Bridging the Two Cultures.

Theologians, philosophers, and social and natural scientists from around the globe will again have the opportunity to spend one month each summer amongst the rich historic venues of the University of Oxford, where they will participate in workshops, spend time working on their research, and receive individual mentoring by senior scholars in the field.

“I am very heartened by the conversation and the explorations that the Bridging Two Cultures seminar has launched,” said Mark Sargent, a member of the advisory board for both seminars and the provost and dean of faculty at Westmont College, who had a faculty member selected for the first seminar. “As a [...]

SCIO announces latest Oxford student prize winners

SCIO is delighted to announce the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford de Jager prize winners for fall 2013. These students showed exceptional academic performance in the following aspects of the programme

SCIO students often find their time on the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO) both intellectually challenging and highly rewarding. Some of the prize-winners told us how they found their semester in Oxford.

Coming to Oxford helped me understand where my own discipline fits in the larger academic landscape. As a political scientist, I enjoyed living in a house with people studying literature and philosophy because it helped me develop a more nuanced perspective on my own studies. I loved sitting in desks at libraries where scholars have read for hundreds of years and feeling like I was participating in some still unwinding story.
Kristabel Stark
I’ve always been a student who loved learning and was curious about nearly everything; in Oxford I had to work harder at learning than I have at any other point in my schooling.  However, the conversations and relationships with fellow students, tutors, and other scholars were worth the hard work.  SCIO inspired me to live a more academic life, regardless of whether I pursue graduate education in the future.
Abby Stocker
Oxford’s tutorial system has helped me learn to better articulate my thoughts and to better argue for my opinions. My tutors listened to and engaged with my ideas …  the genuineness of that conversation combined with their patience convinces me that it is worth it to continue to wrestle with whatever it is I am struggling to get across in my writing.
Aly Inouye
My time in Oxford was highly influential to both my academic and future career goals. Studying art history and [...]

Templeton awards SCIO major grant for Oxford seminars

We are pleased to announce that the Templeton Religion Trust has awarded SCIO a grant of about £1 million to carry out an enhanced set of summer seminars aimed at developing interdisciplinary skills among faculty in the disciplines of science and religion.

The seminars, to be held in Oxford in July 2015 and 2016, will provide a significant opportunity for 25 faculty from member institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities across the globe. The project will also provide funding for enriched opportunities for students on the home campuses and a shortened seminar for the presidents of participating campuses. All together the project aims to contribute to the developing dialogue in campuses on this most important field which is at the centre of so much attention and do so in a way which will help these universities enhance their campus climate so as to have significant impact.

Alister McGrath will join as the academic director for the project, and will be joined by Drs Stan Rosenberg, Michael Burdett, and John Roche who will manage this exciting new project.

See the initial program brochure for more info. Application information will be posted in summer 2014 with faculty applications due in the autumn.

SCIO students visit London, Hilary term 2014

All our new Hilary term 2014 SCIO students, as well as the year-long students from last term, have now arrived safely and are busy working on their weekly tutorial papers, attending lectures, and generally settling into the academic rhythm of the Oxford term.

This weekend a lot of us relaxed with an all-day tour of London, which included visiting a few of the most popular sites, but also enjoying some of the less-known jewels hidden within this amazing city, such as the ruined church of St Dunstan in the East. Attending an Evensong service at St Paul’s Cathedral provided a welcome spiritual rest within quite a busy day, and for some was the highlight of a fantastic day together.

SCIO says farewell to Oxford students

It was with a touch of sadness that all the SCIO staff said a final farewell last Friday to this term’s group of BestSemester students, all Registered Visiting Students at the University of Oxford.  While they were here, these Michaelmas term students submitted almost 800 papers: an impressive achievement!  Everyone at SCIO wishes them all the very best for their future, and trusts that their time at Oxford has helped shape whatever is to come. 

SCIO organizes Green Scholars Initiative Logos Conference in Oxford

Green Scholars Initiative has asked SCIO the organize the annual Logos Conference in Oxford for the next five years.  This means that every summer for two weeks an international cadre of students and faculty will join SCIO staff and noted Oxford-based scholars to examine topics related to the history and use of the Bible, and learn skills in paleography, papryology, and codicology, using resources from the Green Collection.