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SCIO Alumni Scholarship awarded to Megan Loumagne

SCIO is delighted to announce that Megan Loumagne, a SCIO alumna from the Michaelmas 2006 Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, has been awarded a SCIO Alumni Scholarship for the academic year 2017–18.  Megan, who was also a recipient of the scholarship in 2016–17, is continuing her doctoral research in the field of theology at Christ Church, Oxford.

Graham Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity at Christ Church Oxford, notes that “Megan’s progress has been remarkable given that she taught throughout Michaelmas and some of Hilary. She passed her Confirmation without a shred of hesitancy on the part of her assessors, and the thesis is on track for completion by the end of next year. Quite an exceptional woman!”

SCIO Alumni awards are funded by a generous gift from Geoffrey and Caroline de Jager.  Individual scholarships of £2,500 are open to applications from alumni of our SSO and OSP programmes, who are studying for, or have been accepted onto, a graduate degree programme at the University of Oxford.  One scholarship is offered in each of the following areas:

Texts and manuscripts with a focus on New Testament studies
Religion and science
Subjects in, or broadly related to, SCIO’s teaching fields

Those interested in applying for these scholarships can find further details on the Graduate Scholarships page of our website.

Megan, who has been awarded the ‘Religion and science’ Alumni Scholarship, writes:
SCIO first came into my life in 2006 when they provided me with the opportunity to study abroad as an undergraduate in Oxford for a semester.  That experience was a life-changing one for me in that it introduced me to the Oxford style of education and played a key role in developing my confidence in my abilities as [...]

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Congratulations to SCIO’s spring 2017 and summer 2017 de Jager prizewinners

Awarded at the close of the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford and the Oxford Summer Programme, the de Jager prizes recognize outstanding scholarly work.  The de Jager prize is facilitated by Geoffrey and Caroline de Jager, whose generous gift to each prizewinner is symptomatic of their abiding commitment to academic excellence.
Spring 2017

The prizewinners for spring 2017 of the Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, along with their sending institutions, are named below.

A few students reflect on their time on the programme:
In brief, Oxford was scholarship incarnate.  While my home professors often talked of academic tradition and discourse, it was always a dull concept.  At Oxford, however, the global community of scholars seemed to be suddenly embodied in a vibrant and enchanting town.  Its beautiful pubs, meadows, and libraries played host to the daily conversations of researchers and students from across the world.  My stacks of books and journal articles were no longer dry tomes—they were the vibrant efforts of a local community seeking wisdom.

Michael Taft

While I expected my tutorials to be unique and interesting, I could have never imagined how inspired and giddy I would feel after each one.  My tutor’s insight and suggestions allowed me to study the topics that most intrigued me, and this opened an entirely new realm of learning that I had never before encountered in an American classroom.  I was constantly encouraged by staff, tutors, and students, and it was this supportive community that enabled me to thrive in the most intense learning environment I have ever experienced.

Natalie Seale

For a moment, I was simply a student: a student who was able to sit at a desk in the corner of the library for 14 hours and write a paper, a [...]

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