Monthly Archives: December 2013

SCIO says farewell to Oxford students

It was with a touch of sadness that all the SCIO staff said a final farewell last Friday to this term’s group of BestSemester students, all Registered Visiting Students at the University of Oxford.  While they were here, these Michaelmas term students submitted almost 800 papers: an impressive achievement!  Everyone at SCIO wishes them all the very best for their future, and trusts that their time at Oxford has helped shape whatever is to come. 

SCIO organizes Green Scholars Initiative Logos Conference in Oxford

Green Scholars Initiative has asked SCIO the organize the annual Logos Conference in Oxford for the next five years.  This means that every summer for two weeks an international cadre of students and faculty will join SCIO staff and noted Oxford-based scholars to examine topics related to the history and use of the Bible, and learn skills in paleography, papryology, and codicology, using resources from the Green Collection.